First impressions can be so very wrong...

Angelina Marsh can find nothing in Watford to inspire her. School work bores her and she takes little interest in the things that most girls her age do. Then one day she meets a strange-looking man in the town centre selling magazines to passers-by and her perspective on life takes an unexpected turn.

But can this man really be who he says he is and, if so, what does this mean for Angelina and the world she takes such a bleak view of?


This is the first book I completed and it came to me as a fully crystallised idea within the space of about twenty minutes.

I was living next to Bushey train station at the time, just south of Watford town centre and where a couple of large viaducts meet, and was on my way to the shops when it came to me.

It started as 'What if there was a gateway to Hell under the Arches?' and progressed from there, albeit in almost completely the opposite direction.

By the time I returned with my shopping the whole thing was laid out; characters, plot, the lot!

Changing times

Since finishing Under the Arches my outlook on life, the world and religion have all changed to some extent. Therefore the views and themes portrayed in the book are no longer in line with those I now hold.

However, it remains an interesting step on my journey as an author and I have decided that it should be out there and available for people to read.

Someone said recently that it's cool that I have this book that I could never write again, and I suppose that is a good way of looking at it.